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Intuitive software & media solutions since 1998.

Let's do this right. From the beginning.

Hello, and welcome! We've been at this a very long time, providing software development services to a variety of small and enterprise clients within energy, health, photonics, and agriculture sectors. In fact, some clients remain with us since the very beginning.

If we've learned anything, it is that even the most complicated project can be simplified into bite-sized chunks, making progress more visible and allowing for continuous feedback from stakeholders to ensure steady alignment with overall vision and objectives. With nearly two decades of extensive and diverse experience, Altitude Logic's time-tested methodology results in project objectives being achieved on-time and on-budget, with no unexpected surprises.

We look forward to walking you through our process, exploring your requirements, and working with you to determine how we can help turn your ideas and requirements into something real.

Jeff D.
Chief Architect, Project Management Professional (PMP)

Software development projects DO NOT need to be complicated. Proper project management, classification of core and non-core requirements, and a simplified system architecture, together, contribute to the project being completed on-time and on-budget.

Our services

From design to development and deployment to documentation, we're your full solution provider.

Business Analysis

We'll help you solidify user and system requirements, and determine the most economical way to achieve them.

System Architecture

We'll determine the necessary framework and system components needed to support user requirements.

Data Architecture

We'll configure application entities and their relationships and constraints, as are relevant to the application.

User Experience Design

Perhaps the most important aspect of user acceptance is what they see and how they interact with the application.

Application Development

Getting our hands dirty with a little code is what we live for, but only after prerequisite pieces are understood and in place.

Training and Documentation

An exceptional user experience is intuitive and frustration-free. User guidance can help ensure satisfaction and acceptance.


A proven track record in a variety of solution areas.

Windows Development

We develop experience-rich client applications for the Microsoft Windows platform that allow for automatic updates and local or cloud-based data storage.

Web Application Development

We specialize in mobile-friendly, Microsoft .Net MVC web application development utilizing cloud hosting platforms to enable versatile and easily-updatable content.

API Development

Sometimes the most important applications are those you can't even see! We develop universal APIs that can do the heavy-lifting for applications on almost any platform.

Analytics Dashboards

Everyone loves a view from 30,000 feet! Our dashboards and business intelligence analytics solutions allow for high-level visibility with drill-down granularity.


A simple, cost-effective approach to intuitive software development.

Discovery & Design

We'll help you identify and classify both core and non-core requirements, as well as prioritize them.

Development Roadmap

Once we understand the work that needs to be done, we can more accurately develop a phased work plan and budget.

Core Development

We'll develop a working solution that incorporates core requirements and an intuitive user experience.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We'll invoice a select group of users to test all aspects of the system to expedite a stable, production-ready solution.

Training and Documentation

Any necessary user training and guidance materials, such as video tutorials, are produced and published.

Version 1.0

You are now the hero, having developed an impressive on-budget application that satisfies your specific requirements.

Our Work

Here are a few selections from our recent development portfolio.


SynergyDesk is a cloud-based inventory and operations management solution. From engineering to sales and manufacturing to operations, everything is in one place.


Developed for the University of Alberta's School of Public Health, in conjunction with Alberta industry leaders, this resource allows workers to evaluate their organization's safety culture.

Sustainability Metrics Platform

This online platform aggregates Canadian jurisdictional data relevant to crop sustainability, as well as identifies relevancy to international sustainability standards and schemes.

Canadian Field Print Calculator

This cloud-based API allows agricultural advisors and individual farms to submit crop data for reporting against a variety of metrics, and provides aggregation and analysis capabilities.

Stream ColorFlow

This application handles the capture of hyperspectral optics data, and the application of various algorithms that help to identify otherwise invisible spectral attributes.

Stream ColorFlow Video

Proficiency in graphics and media design brings immense benefit to our software. From user experience design to product documentation and training, our software always looks great!

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